Road Apple

by Whipster

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released October 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Whipster Groningen, The Netherlands

Op 18 maart 2017 trad Whipster op in Het Viadukt, Groningen: Going Out With A Bang.

Forlorn verscheen op 15 februari 2015 op elpee. Dit in het kader van Where The Candy Beetle Dwells, een project van beeldend kunstenaar Willem Kolvoort. ... more

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Track Name: Heartfelt

Heartfelt, bittersweet, I owe so much to you
Flames flickered and they faded, and I was thinking about you
I was looking at the stars, thought this time we might touch the night
There are days I find it hard, to see confused hurt, in your eyes

It’s merely about feeling lonely, that’s what you always say
You were not really dancing, you were just stumbling around
There is always someone sorry, sometimes you got to lose to win
You’re so down, you’re so up, I wish I could hear you pray
Track Name: Keeper Of The Flame
Keeper Of The Flame

No, it’s not complaining, I think it’s fair to say
You are not the only keeper, keeper of the flame
You’re dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, of better days to come
You’re hiding all that’s good inside, scared to open up

I found a reason to put my trust in you
I found a reason to put my trust in you
You’re bruised but beautiful, road apple, never fall
Why was it that you stayed away, there wasn’t anything at all

I’m weary, I am restless now
I didn’t sleep for days
I’m weary, I am restless now
I didn’t sleep for days

So much, to give, so much to take
I believe in what you wanna do
Track Name: Blessed Without A Warning
Blessed Without A Warning

Honey, lose some sleep, and say you try
Stop floating away, drift off to sleep, and say goodbye
This drifting apart can be good, in o so many ways
When rest is hard to find, I’m pretending there’s nothing more

Blessed without warning
Time freezes when you’re old, when you’re old and all alone
What comes is so much better, much better,
Than what came before

This morning grieves, this day just started with a lie
But it was only sorrow, that stopped you, you didn’t even try
Too afraid to fly, to laugh was just a crime, in your eyes
I’ve seen so much to share, be careful when you say, goodbye
Track Name: Hardly Getting Over You
Hardly Getting Over You

You never tried to change your mind
We were just strangers all the time
It could be hours it seems like days
I nearly drowned to get this far

It was so strange
I didn’t have the heart to say I needed you
I’m not afraid
What do you know about me anyway?
I felt alone
I’m honest, my loneliness is killing me
I’m so ashamed
I still don’t know, just what that means

I’m hardly getting
I’m hardly getting over you

I feel so much, I can’t deny
This longing ain’t no friend of mine
Heartbroken, still too shy to say
I’ll never dream my life away